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How is RVCE compared to NITK , ie. in terms of placements, infrastructure,teaching etc. I live in Bangalore, i’m confused whether to give prefernce for CET or JEE?


Hi Adithya,
What class you are in? How much portions you have covered for JEE till now?
If you are in 12th and haven’t done much preparation for JEE then I would ask you to give preference to CET, as to be on safer side. If you are in 11th then you can definitely try for JEE and get into NITK or IITs. Mark my words I didn’t say NITs, but I said NITK as it you have state quota since you are from karnataka(Easier to get into NITK than other NITs).

Now coming to your question!
If you see some credible rankings that get published from magazines like India today, Outlook India and other websites like collegekhabhar etc. you would notice that RVCE is around 50s and NITK is always under 15 or even under 10 sometimes. This would in general mean NITK is better than RVCE.
Now coming to my knowledge and experience, I feel there is not much difference between RVCE and NITK in terms of placements. I have seen more than 70% companies that visit the campus are same in both the colleges offering same salaries and same profiles. If you do well in your engineering it would not make much difference if you study in NITK or RVCE. But if you don’t do well in your engineering then  NITK brand name will help you to certain extent to bag a job for you or even higher studies, in that way NITK is better.
Regarding infrastructure honestly I don’t have much idea about RVCE, NITK has all the infrastructure required for all branches. Well regarding teaching faculty NITK has far better faculty compared to RVCE and let me tell you in efforts and interest from student’s side makes a lot of difference.


One more thing, it would be very stupid of you if you are deciding your life based on the place your are living in now. I would suggest you to aim for high rather than settle for low just because you live in bangalore or karnataka.

I’ll let you decide yourself, I’m here to share what I know and not to decide for you. It’s your life and its your call thats gonna make a big difference in your life.

Feel free to post your queries here, I’ll be more than happy to answer them 🙂

All the best 🙂

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My son is writing 12th board 2014. would like to go for mechanical engg. or ece considering placements which branch and which nit is good? what is the average placement for these branches now?
I do have few more questions.
a. How is NIT Surat and NIT Nagpur for Mech. and ECE in terms of placement and type of companies that come there?
b. We are based in Middleast, and will seek admission through SAT scores. So what will be the criteria for placement at the end of the course. Is there a difference between the students who take admission through SAT and JEE at the time of placement?
c. What is your view on colleges such as MIT Pune and college of Engineering Pune?

My answer:

Hi Sudhir,
I’ll answer for all your questions but before you choose a branch between mech and EC there are two important things that you should consider while choosing a branch.
i) His interest: If he is too much into cars, machines and stuff then he should go for Mechanical Engineering, if he is not that specific about it then he can go for EC. Electronics and Communication branch has got wider options and easier life compared to Mechanical Engineers. I have my mechanical friends who are placed in good companies earning a little less than EC guys but sweating a lot more than EC people and also the company location is in remote places and the job is more demanding and hectic.

ii) His strengths and future: One most important thing that slips off everybody’s head is that, finally for placements what all it takes? Is it how much you have scored or how much yow know or your soft skills what you have developed during these four years?
As far as your aggregate score, it should be more than the cut off of the companies, these days its around 8/10 (CGPA) for all engineering branches.
Now if you are in mech and you want to get into best of the best companies then you definitely need good management skills and it doesn’t matter how sound you are technically. This soft skill plays a crucial role in placements, I have seen people who are toppers in the department but got placed after average scorers because of poor management skills.
But in EC, companies are not so much specific about management skills, all they ask for is how good you are in your subjects.
Regarding future, if he is going to go for MS or M.Tech then he should choose the branch by his interest and if he is going MBA he may go for EC as EC is considered as a tougher branch to get into when compared to Mechanical Engineering.

Now coming to your questions:

a) VNIT nagpur is at 25th rank and NIT surat is at 27th rank all over india. And as far as the recent statistics concerned, number of companies visiting are same and also salary packages offered are also similar. So you can choose either of them depending on the rank your son gets and the branch he wants.

b) During placements, all that matters is how you can sell yourself to the company. If you succeed to impress them with your skills and knowledge nothing matters to them. So many companies they don’t even see your resume while taking interviews, so they won’t even know you got entry through SAT or JEE. I would say it doesn’t matter much.

c) COE Pune is in 51st rank where as MIT pune is in 59th rank, considering placements and other criteria. you should go for COE Pune if you get an option to choose between them.

All the best for your son and you too 🙂

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This is the question every student asks, I will tell you one thing there is no correct answer for this. There is no hard and fast rule as how to go about it. It depends on your style of study and your way of tackling things.
Anyways I’ll give you a general method for preparing for JEE advanced and mains.

First make up your mind that you are going to touch upon each and every topic thats there in the syllabus ( by syllabus I mean the topics and chapters that are there in every standard book)
To cover the whole portions, you should make a plan, allot time for each subject and for each topic. If you go out of your budgeted time, you should cut short on your sleep or some other activities instead of cutting short on the next topic. Now you should stick to the schedule that you have drafted and you should change it only when some unexpected activities come up.
All this while you should make sure you are maintaining a balanced diet and sufficient sleep. Health is the utmost important factor for you.

One thing that you should keep in your mind is that everybody is given with the same potential and all it needs is to find out how to tap it into your favor. Keep your aims high and whenever you feel depressed or underprivileged remember the people who make it to IITs from their cottage houses, all it needs it utter determination and that fire in you wanting to go to IITs.

All the best for you exams 🙂
Feel free to post any specific queries in comment box 🙂

This is a query that I got from one of my blog followers,

“Hi Chethan,
I’m currently in my 12th.. i’ve got my pre boards going on at the moment.. Boards starts from March 1st.
I’m scoring decent marks in my pre boards.. around 60%, as i have not even taken my pre boards seriously. My main focus is to score anywhere above 90% in my board exams.

my main worry at present is about getting into a nice engineering college. I was aiming at IIT at first but now, i have totally lost hope. The thing is that i have not even started preparing for my entrance exams.. 😦 so even if i start at the earliest, do u think that i’ll at least be able to make it to the NIT’s..?? I’m writing JEE mains on April 19th. Could u pls give me some tips on how to score well?

what would be considered as a good score in the Mains and the boards to get into any of the NIT’s? “

<My Solution:

This is the typical situation of majority of the students who are preparing for entrance tests. I’ll tell you how to go about it.

Regarding your board exams you can anytime make a comeback not a big deal, since languages and biology/statistics/electronics/computers is also considered while ranking in mains you have lot to study.
Right now you have approximately 3 months left and that is a lot of time. I would suggest you to make a plan which suits your method of studying and tackle each of the challenges. And believe you can still make it to IITs if you give your just 100% and nothing more than that.

If I was you this is the way I would go about it.

1) Prepare for around a 8 days on boards, with only 6 hours of sleep everyday and give a best shot at pre-boards and see the score. If my score is above 90% I will never study for boards till the time its just before 3 days of board exams.

2) I always believe in aim for the best and you end up at atleast a little less than best, so I would still prepare myself for IIT advanced and aim at IITs. This will give you an upper hand over the others who are just preparing for mains. Since you have learnt more than what is required for mains you will be able to solve the problems effortlessly.

3) Yeah I truly believe that if you start preparing for the earliest now you can easily make it to any branch in NITs. All that you studied doesn’t matter whatever you will study in the last 3 months before the exams matters a lot. So gear up with all the energy you have and start preparing yourself for the mains 🙂

4) Books I would recommend for you:
Maths: R D Sharma
Physics: H C Verma
Chemistry: Arihant or O P Tondon

Regarding the cut off score for mains and in boards I have posted the details in other posts, please go through them.
I’ll write a new post on ” How to score well in mains very soon “

I hope it helps 🙂

The JEE Main 2013 Cutoff is the minimum score to qualify for admissions to the engineering courses and is pre-determined by the CBSE after taking into consideration a lot of factors. The JEE Main 2013 Cutoff as declared by CBSE for students to register for the JEE Advanced 2013 as given below. The Cutoff for JEE Main 2013 after each round of counselling as announced by CSAB is given below for students to download and peruse.

JEE Main 2013 Cutoff for Registrations to JEE Advanced 2013:

Students who have obtained scores equal to or above the specified ones below can register for the JEE Advanced 2013.

JEE Main 2013 Cutoff for Registration to JEE (Advanced) 2013 Category-wise:

Category Cut-off Score
Common Merit List (CML) 113
Other Backward Class (OBC – NCL) 70
Scheduled Caste (SC) 50
Scheduled Tribe (ST) 45

The exam was conducted for 360 marks. Cut-off scores keep changing but cut-off percentage almost remains the same.
Concentrate on scoring as high as possible as JEE Mains is used by colleges for entrance.

I can address the individual queries, feel free to comment the difficulties you are facing while preparing for JEE mains.